Lagopus switch and router

a high performance software OpenFlow 1.3 switch and router

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What's Lagopus switch and router?

Lagopus switch is a high-performance software OpenFlow 1.3 switch.

Lagopus router is a high-performance software router.

Lagopus is a genus of bird in the grouse subfamily.
Lagopus lives in cloud.


  • Lagopus switch
  • Lagopus router
    • Multiple VRF
    • VLAN switching
    • DPDK support
    • Still beta release


Latest code is hosted at GitHub.



(To be updated)

Our developement team is working on the next major version up of Lagopus virtual router with programmable API (This documents are written in Japanese).

  • Version 0.2.12 (current)
    • Pure OpenFlow switch 1.3.4 specification
    • General tunnel encap/decap extension
    • High-performance dataplane with DPDK
    • Mixed configuration of raw-socket port and DPDK port in dataplane
    • Single-line-based switch configuration datastore
    • CLI (lagosh) with new configuration format
    • Queue support (WRR)
    • New flow lookup algorithm
    • jumbo frame support
    • Linux & FreeBSD with DPDK library support
    • Limited support of controller-less L2, L3 support (Learning switch, ICMP, APR, static route)
    • QEMU/KVM and virtual switch configuration support
  • Version 1.0 (2017 Q2)
    • VRF-enabled routing
    • VLAN-enabled bridging
    • Routing stack integration (GOBGP, Zebra 2.0)
    • High availability protocols (VRRP v3)
    • High availability protocols (VRRP v3)
    • Support of YANG-model
    • Management protocol support (SNMP, SNMP trap)
    • Overlay-networking/tunnles (IPsec)
  • Version 1.1 (2017 Q3)
    • NAT
    • xFlow support
    • overlay networking with VxLAN and EVPN-extension
    • Telemetry function with (user-defined packet generation/monitor


We always welcome contributions to Lagopus switch.

  • Submit bugfixes and improvements by pull-request on GitHub.
  • Submit bugreport by GitHub Issues.


Join to the Lagopus switch community! Any question and comments are welcome!

Hands-on Seminar

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Hands-on material can be downloaded from here. You can download VM image for handson from OneDrive.


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This study is a part of the O3 project supported by a grant of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan.