5. How to install Lagopus software router

Follow below steps to install Lagopus software router.

  1. Install DPDK
  2. Install Go
  3. Install openconfigd and cli
  4. Install vsw
  5. Download lagopus-router

5.1. Install DPDK

Refer to How to install DPDK for Lagopus software router for steps to install DPDK.

5.2. Install Go

  • Install Go

    On Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Go can be installed using apt.

    $ sudo apt install golang-go
    $ go version
    go version go1.10.1 linux/amd64
  • Install dep

    “dep” is used to download and install dependencies.

    $ sudo apt install go-dep
  • Configure Go related path

    $ vi ~/.bashrc
    export GOPATH=$HOME/go
    export PATH=$GOPATH/bin:$PATH
  • Create Go related directories

    ~$ mkdir -p go/src
    ~$ mkdir -p go/pkg
    ~$ mkdir -p go/bin

5.3. Install openconfigd and cli


Follow below steps written in README.md of upstream openconfigd repo [openconfigd/README.md]_

$ go get github.com/coreswitch/openconfigd/openconfigd
$ go get github.com/coreswitch/openconfigd/cli_command
$ cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/coreswitch/openconfigd/cli
sudo make install
$ cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/coreswitch/openconfigd/bash_completion.d
sudo cp cli /etc/bash_completion.d/

5.4. Install vsw


  • Create lagopus directory
  • git clone vsw repo.
  • Install dependencies using “dep”
  • Install vsw
$ mkdir -p go/src/github.com/lagopus
$ cd go/src/github.com/lagopus
~/go/src/github.com/lagopus$ git clone https://github.com/lagopus/vsw.git
~/go/src/github.com/lagopus/vsw$ dep ensure
~/go/src/github.com/lagopus/vsw$ go install

5.5. Download lagopus-router


Lagopus router repo has “YANG” files required to run openconfigd with Lagopus software router. Git clone it so you can use it when running openconfigd.

$ cd ~/go/src/github.com/lagopus/
~/go/src/github.com/lagopus$ git clone https://github.com/lagopus/lagopus-router.git