2. Introduction to Lagopus software router

Lagopus software router is a yet another DPDK based software router implementation.

It has loose coupled modular-based design (like a microservice architecture) with unified configuration datastore defined by yang. Dataplane fast path is written in C + DPDK and slow path written in Go to achive both high performance and extensibility.

2.1. Hardware requirement

Lagopus software router can run on Intel PC servers with NIC as well as Intel Desktop PC.

Lagopus can also run on a virtual machine on Oracle VM VirtualBox, KVM, VMware Workstation, Fusion and ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V. Instruction of how to setup a virtual machine running on Oracl VM VirtualBox for Lagopus software router installation is described in Appendix: How to setup VM for Lagopus software router on VirtualBox.

2.2. Software requirement

Lagopus software router can run on Linux distribution below.

  • Linux
    • Ubuntu 18.04

Lagopus software router require DPDK. Refer to How to install DPDK for Lagopus software router for supported DPDK release and installation steps.

2.3. Development & Support

Lagopus software router is an open source project and development is done on GitHub repo [lagopus-router]. Please open an Issue or Pull Request for feedback.


2.4. License

The code of Lagopus software switch is freely available under the Apache version 2.0